Prince Cubo ⏹ and little Princess Geo 🔵 are two siblings who constantly fight over the silliest reasons.

📖 That is until one day, their father “The King of Shapes” 👑 decides to put an end to this absurdity by sending both Cubo and Geo to a challenging world that requires collaboration to survive.

🚀 We used the Unity Game Engine to develop this game, and we made all of the assets ourselves using blender.

🎨 We also made sure to use very subtle and consistent color shades, to keep the game minimal and beautiful at the same time.


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Geo and Cubo PC 23 MB
Android: Adventures Geo & Cubo (APK) 33 MB

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Super cute! 

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Cute graphics and nice co-op gameplay, finished the 3 levels, would love to see more.

Princess Geo looks so angry all the time lol


haha yes she’s always anxious and annoyed 😂


This Really cute and awesome game , the graphic and lighting are so beautiful and I really wish to see a full game with deep story , I enjoyed 

yes hopefully someday!